Conflict of Interests declaration forms  

Users with particular roles in Archie must use the Conflict of Interest declaration forms to record and publish their potential Conflict of Interests (CoI). The completed forms are publicly available on the Community website here:

The roles with a CoI form are:


To submit or edit a form

  1. Log in to Archie and open your person Properties sheet and go to the Roles tab.

  2. Click a relevant role (e.g. 'Co-ordinating Editor') from the list of roles.
    The CoI Form button appears in the Role description under the role table.

  3. Click Open in the CoI form option.
    The Conflict of Interests Declaration form opens.

  4. Complete the form and click Save.

  5. Click OK to confirm saving.

Within a few hours, data edited in Archie will be published on the Cochrane Community site: